Posted on: September 23rd, 2016 by Jonny Grossmark

I recently discovered that peakybettors is offering an early goal service;

The first strategy we present to you is the Early Goal Strategy. We noticed that early goals led to more goals, so we began analyzing thousands of matches to find a consistent trend in the data.

We also tested this strategy with real life betting and we think we are now ready to present it to you! Follow the link below to discover the strategy.


What are we offering?

We offer you live tips when the selected leagues are playing. If there’s an early goal in one of the big leagues, the website will automatically update and show you on which match to bet. The algorithm is designed to have a margin of safety for greater long term results. This method has been tested and delivers good returns.

At this stage I am unable to provide a review of the “bets ” offered as I have not looked at any but will aim to review the bets in a few months .

The owner of the site has kindly acknowledged my research into this area and I  am happy to see the increased interest in the effect of the early goal .


footnote : I am not associated with any site offering a premium service and continue to offer free in play  analysis ( via the  gooners guide forum ) Thumbs Up