Green All Over Blog in the RED after backing a Clinton Win @1.6

Posted on: November 9th, 2016 by Jonny Grossmark

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The Green All Over Blog advised ” It is hard to see how Hillary can lose ”


  • Of all major national surveys, the LA Times and IBD/TIPP tracking polls were the only two to call a Trump victory  
  • CBS, ABC/Washington Post, Bloomberg, Rasmussen, Monmouth University and NBC News/Survey Monkey all got it wrong 


Robert Salter is the owner of the Green All Over Blog and they live in Arkansas USA so I was wondering how they managed to place their bet on Clinton @1.6 because residents of the USA are not allowed to access the Betfair exchange .

I am not sure if Mr Salter suffers from Amnesia because if you have read their blog over the last few years they give the impression that they still live in Surrey and a simple search has shown that they moved to the USA circa 1992

Mr Salter’s wife is called ANgeliCA on the blog and her name is Bianca and if you have followed the premium advice over the last few years then you should be wondering how much of the blog is reality and how much is fiction.

Maria Konnikova is the author of “The Confidence Game,” a book about con artists and why we fall for their deception. Here she tells us why intelligence can make us more susceptible to being conned.

If you have followed the Cassini XX draws / value selections over the last few years you will have noted that you made a whopping loss added to the insult of having to pay Mr Salter for losing betting advice and I have little sympathy because you did not do your own research and you probably concluded ;

” it is hard to see how I can lose following such high powered analysis ”


I received a threatening phone call from Mr Salter in March 2015 and I can confirm that he has not lost any of that Surrey twang but he was rather repetitive on the phone and far less amusing then his blog posts would have us believe .