Fatigue Factor in Football ? Analysis of games played by Arsenal in the Premier League after a European game

Posted on: November 2nd, 2016 by Jonny Grossmark

In the table below I have added the last 40  games played by Arsenal in the league after a European  game and they Won 25 , 9 games ended a DRAW and they lost 6 games <> WON 62.5%

In the games where Arsenal  were at home in the league in the table below > DDWWWWWWWWWDWW Won 79%


Days FT
Arsenal Spurs 5 ????
Ludo Arsenal WON
Arsenal Boro 3 DRAW
Arsenal Ludo WON
Burnley Arsenal 4 WON
Arsenal Brest WON
Hull Arsenal 4 WON
PSG Arsenal DRAW
Everton Arsenal 3 WON
Barca Arsenal LOST
Man UTD Arsenal 5 LOST
Arsenal Barca LOST
Villa Arsenal 4 WON
Olympiakos Arsenal WON
Norwich Arsenal 5 DRAW
Arsenal Zagreb WON
Arsenal Spurs 4 DRAW
Bayern Arsenal LOST
Arsenal Everton 4 WON
Arsenal Bayern WON
Arsenal Man UTD 5 WON
Arsenal Olympiakos LOST
Chelsea Arsenal 3 LOST
Zagreb Arsenal LOST
Newcastle Arsenal 4 WON
Monaco Arsenal WON
Arsenal Everton 4 WON
Arsenal Monaco LOST
Arsenal Newcastle 4 WON
Gala Arsenal WON
WBA Arsenal 3 WON
Arsenal Dortmund WON
Swansea Arsenal 5 LOST
Arsenal Anderlecht DRAW
Sunderland Arsenal 3 WON
Anderlecht Arsenal WON
Chelsea Arsenal 4 LOST
Arsenal Gala WON
Villa Arsenal 4 WON
Dortmund Arsenal LOST
Leicester Arsenal 4 DRAW
Arsenal Beşiktaş WON
Everton Arsenal 4 DRAW
Beşiktaş Arsenal DRAW
Spurs Arsenal 5 WON
Bayern Arsenal DRAW
Arsenal Sunderland 3 WON
Arsenal Bayern LOST
Man City Arsenal 3 LOST
Napoli Arsenal LOST
Cardiff Arsenal 4 WON
Arsenal Marseille WON
Man UTD Arsenal 4 LOST
Dortmund Arsenal WON
Palace Arsenal 4 WON
Arsenal Dortmund LOST
WBA Arsenal 5 DRAW
Arsenal Napoli WON
Arsenal Stoke 4 WON
Marseille Arsenal WON
Arsenal Spurs 5 WON
Arsenal Fener WON
Fulham Arsenal 3 WON
Fener Arsenal WON
Swansea Arsenal 3 WON
Bayern Arsenal WON
Arsenal Villa 4 WON
Arsenal Bayern LOST
Arsenal WBA 4 WON
Olympiakos Arsenal LOST
Villa Arsenal 3 DRAW
Arsenal Mont. WON
Arsenal Fulham 4 DRAW
Schalke Arsenal DRAW
Arsenal QPR 3 WON
Arsenal Schalke LOST
West Ham Arsenal 3 WON
Arsenal Olympiakos WON
Man City Arsenal 5 DRAW
Mont Arsenal WON
Arsenal Newcastle 6 WON
Arsenal Milan WON