EASTBRIDGE Bespoke sports betting brokerage for the discerning client.

Posted on: April 19th, 2016 by Jonny Grossmark



Eastbridge have  today launched a new service for UK clients, after their  UK license deal was completed.


However, due to the restrictions on UK bookmakers under the licensing laws, they  are not permitted to offer UK clients our full brokerage service. So, they will be laying bets  like a traditional UK bookie. But, they operate on a low margin model similar to PinnacleSports, so they  will not be restricting clients that win and will be offering very competitive prices, not to mention high bet limits.

Primarily, the service will be focused on football, but they  will also take tennis, cricket, NBA, NFL bets and more should our UK clients request it.

There are no fee’s or commission and no minimum deposit or bet sizes either. They  offer a range of other services aimed more at professional punters and syndicates, but these are not covered by their  UK license so would only be applicable for non UK residents.

Further details of all services, are available on the website.